Polygraph Productions

We aim to take the most accurate approximation of the truth, research, and present to multiple audiences.

Our Philosophy

Polygraph Productions brings the rigour and insight of scientific research to the digital medium. We feel that your stories and messages are interesting enough without having to add glamour or remove important content. We also know that your audience is intelligent and deserves to be treated as such.

Whether or not you agree with it, digital media have become the “must have” of almost all individuals, organisations, groups and bodies. There is a common expectation that everything can be ‘Googled’ or watched on Youtube in order that the masses can access the information they crave.

Trust is won and lost depending upon accessibility and willingness to share information; many people, including your internal stakeholders, demand increasingly engaging and eye-catching approaches to obtain a share of their valuable time.

With such emphasis placed upon grabbing our attention, is it any wonder that the real sense and value of the information is lost in the melee?

The most important aspect of Polygraph Productions is our ability to take the most accurate approximation of reality, research, and present to multiple audiences without misinterpreting its nuances, dumbing down or over-embellishing.