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Alfred and Ursula Klink

This case study video provides a real example of the value that people place upon their surroundings. It demonstrates that this can stem from a sense of history, memories and associations as well as a deep connection and respect for their surrounding environment. All of this is tightly coupled with personal and community identity and a clear feeling that all change, large or small, can have significant impacts upon social functioning.

The video case study (one of two) was produced for the Bushfire CRC Social Cognitive Mapping project, which provided training and facilitation materials for communities and fire agencies keen to capture these thoughts, memories and feelings in order to improve our understanding of each other.

Practitioners who are using the Social Cognitive Mapping approach should watch these videos to prepare for the types of responses they will get from participants and to start thinking about how these may be incorporated into social cognitive maps and consequent recommendations for land and fire managers.

Engaging a broad audience while staying true to
the context and findings of the research.

Research Communication Portfolio

Research communication videos are at the core of Polygraph Productions’ offering.

Based upon years of social research experience and a desire to tell research stories as accurately as possible, the research communication videos are an excellent format for engaging a broad audience while staying true to the context and findings of the research.

Tom’s background in research equip him with a unique ability to bring words and concepts to life. Tom‘s video work managed to convey the essential meaning of three years of research into 3 minute videos.”

Dr Noreen Krusel, Manager Research Utilisation, Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council

Our clients include:

  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Fire Services Commissioner Victoria
  • Ipsos Social Research Institute
  • NSW Central West Catchment Management Authority
  • Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre
  • Australasian Fire and Emergency Authorities Council
  • Country Fire Authority
  • Parks Victoria
  • The Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research




  • Klink

    Alfred and Ursula Klink

  • ExtremeFireBeh

    Extreme Fire Behaviour – Investigating bushfire growth, development and propagation

  • StaffRides

    ‘Staff Rides’ as a post-incident learning method in fire and emergency response

  • Powerpeople

    Power to the People – Defining the parameters of shared responsibility

  • Polygraph_thumbvideo_new5

    Fire Services Commissioner – 2021 Research overview

  • Polygraph_thumbvideo_new3

    Bushfire CRC – Research legacy

  • Polygraph_thumbvideo_new1

    Caring for Our Country

  • Polygraph_thumbvideo_new4

    Visualising Climate Change

  • Polygraph_thumbvideo_depiover

    Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) – Research Overview

  • Polygraph_thumbvideo_ipsos

    Ipsos Social Research Insitute – New and emerging communities