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Bridgewater – Get Down


As seen on Rage! Shot in Melbourne, ‘Get Down’ is the next
video to come from Melbourne/Phillip Island band Bridgewater.
The video creates a snapshot of a messy break-up and artfully
draws a parallel between our dual obsessions with relationships
and mobile technology.



The video pulls us into lair of the jilted lover, zooms us through cyberspace to the terrifying world of the ex, transports us through a giant screen to a scene of escape and delivers a satisfying sucker punch twist at the end; all in 1minute and 55 seconds!


Filmed and directed by Tom Lowe of Polygraph Productions, this independently produced video places Bridgewater firmly on the map of distinctive Melbourne bands and may quite literally put a smile on your face.



Breaking down the barriers between
communicators and audiences.

Music Videos Portfolio

Music is at the centre of many of the Polygraph Products. As a musician with many years of experience, Tom uses the medium to challenge preconceptions about a particular subject or to contextualise issues within a certain frame or genre. Above all, music is engaging and its use can break down barriers between communicators and their audiences.

In addition, working with musicians to create video clips is an excellent discipline for communicating complex stories in
very short time frames.


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