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Dresses that Rustle

Juliet Reid is a Melbourne-based dressmaker with a passion
for bespoke seasonal designs.

Her message is simple, clothes should look great and stand
the test of time. To find out more:

Utilising our background we can understand unique perspectives and help articulate them in a relevant form.

Articulate Portfolio

Many people have a talent or passion that they are so close to they find it hard to explain to others.

‘Articulate’ utilises Tom’s skills as a researcher, coach and facilitator to understand unique perspectives and help articulate them in a form that is attractive and relevant to funding bodies, stakeholders or the general pubic.


"From the get go Tom showed great
attentiveness and patience and put me at ease
so I was clearly able to convey my message
to camera. The quality of the piece
produced was fantastic and captured the
integral USP of my business."

Juliet Reid - Dresses that Rustle






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