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Macarthur: Discovering stories of sacrifice

This documentary aims to inform and educate Victorians about the experiences of World War I veterans and their communities. It includes interviews with residents of Macarthur, a small town in Victoria’s Western District, who have been researching the roles their relatives played in WWI and any stories or historical facts that they have gleaned along the way. This research uncovered a number of interesting stories, artefacts and photographs, either personal or from newspapers of the time.

This project was funded by the Anzac Centenary grants program, delivered by the Victorian Government, with the project being managed by the Macarthur RSL. The full documentary (24mins) is available upon request.

Snippets of social comment produce the ultimate ethnographic communication tool.

Documentary Portfolio

Documentaries are an opportunity for Polygraph Productions to become embedded within a story or context and utilise the social research and film-making skills to greatest effect.


The resulting snippets of social comment not only entertain but also provide a fascinating window into people’s lives with minimal agenda or bias, producing the ultimate ethnographic communication tool.

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    Macarthur: Discovering stories of sacrifice

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    Victoria SES 40 Years Young Anniversary Documentary

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    Saviour – The making of

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    Duo Trailer