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Pozible Campaign – Sarah Cowell

Sarah Cowell, the ‘Tea Ninja’, wants to travel to China to learn about tea practices and traditions so that she can share her knowledge with the people of Australia and give them the opportunity to enjoy tea the way it was intended.

Utilising our background we can understand unique perspectives and help articulate them in a relevant form.

Articulate Portfolio

Many people have a talent or passion that they are so close to they find it hard to explain to others.

‘Articulate’ utilises Tom’s skills as a researcher, coach and facilitator to understand unique perspectives and help articulate them in a form that is attractive and relevant to funding bodies, stakeholders or the general pubic.


"From the get go Tom showed great
attentiveness and patience and put me at ease
so I was clearly able to convey my message
to camera. The quality of the piece
produced was fantastic and captured the
integral USP of my business."

Juliet Reid - Dresses that Rustle






  • NSWStateEm

    Australian Emergency Management Volunteer Forum – Promo

  • Peoplepathways

    People Pathways Promo Video

  • Polygraph_thumbvideoalt_fireemer

    Fire and Emergency role nomination

  • Polygraph_thumbvideoalt_dresses

    Dresses that Rustle

  • Polygraph_thumbvideoalt_touchpods

    Touch Pods

  • Polygraph_thumbvideoalt_pozible

    Pozible Campaign – Sarah Cowell

  • Polygraph_thumbvideoalt_touchout

    Touch Pods – Out takes